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Looking for information on : Rex Bird (1906 - 1978)

I'm currently trying to flesh out a few details on Rex Bird, who lived in various parts of Australia's East Coast between 1906 and 1978.

The information I have to date :

  • Born 28 June 1906 in Townsville, Queensland, Australia
  • Married Serenie Sorrensen in Maryborough
  • Had at least 5 children :
  • M : George
    M : Jess
    M : Trevor Lynton
    M : Kevin
    F : Coral

  • Family lived in Padstow, Sydney, Australia during 1950s and 1960s (was still there in 1966)

If you can help add to this story, let me know.

NB : I'd love to find out more about these people, particularly those from the last 200-300 years.

If you can help flesh out their stories, please get in touch via my personal site, at / contact . Thank-you.