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An English place name for the man who lived near the stone cross set up by the roadside or marketplace, from Old Norse 'Kross'. Variations are Cruse, Cruise, Crouch, Crutch, Crutcher, Crossley, Norcross.

Cognitives include De(la)Croix, Croix , (French); Croux , Lacroux, Lacrouts, De(la)croux (Provencal); Croce , DellaCroce, Croci (Italian); Cruz (Spanish); Kreutzer, Kreuziger (German); Vercruysse (Flemish), Krzyzaniak (Polish), and Van der Kruijs (Dutch).

NB : I'd love to find out more about these people, particularly those from the last 200-300 years.

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