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The name Sterling originated in Stirlingshire, Scotland and can be traced back to the 12th century. The name began as de Strevelyn (of Strevelyn) which was the name of Stirling, and the castle, at that time. The name of the town is believed to be derived from the Celtic terms streve + long(us) meaning struggling + river(s) as three rivers come together as one at the location of Stirling.

The many variations of the name include de Strevelyn, Esterling, Starland, Starlin, Starling, Starting, Stearling, Steeling, Sterlin, Sterling, Storling and Sturling. Sterling is generally the anglicized spelling and is more commonly found in England. Over time many families who spelled their name Stirling had the named anglicized because of the common usage of "Pound Sterling" in the English language.

The name Stirling is listed as a sept of Clan MacGregor.

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